Look at the two photos on page 293 in your book.  Answer the following question: "What effect do Riis' photos convey?"

Sarah Chapman
11/30/2012 08:06

Jacob Riis' photos convey the terrible living conditions the people in the slums are suffering through.

Maddie Polnow
11/30/2012 08:06

They are living in some pretty hard times, They are living in wooden shacks. In the 1800s they had many diseases and crime that afflicted many immigrants

Jaclyn Proffitt
11/30/2012 08:07

The photos convey how difficult life was in the late 1800's. Many immigrant neighborhoods in New York City were affected by poverty, diseases, and crimes.

Amanda Varble
11/30/2012 08:09

Jacob Riis' photos show the poor living Conditions of most people in the 1880's and 1890's.

Cole J Guynn
11/30/2012 08:10

They showed the Slum life of New York. Their effects are a sickening slap in the face, these places are vile, disgusting, and just plain sad, with these pictures, there is no hiding what the slums are, what goes on in them, etc.

Jessica Heuser
11/30/2012 08:11

These photos show how badly the people in the slums of New York's living conditions were.

Rachel Gailloreto
11/30/2012 08:16

The photos show the reality of the New York slums and the conditions in which they lived in.

Amanda Bronge
11/30/2012 08:21

The pictures both seem to show to hardships people in New York suffered in the late 1800's.

Kailey Soloman
12/03/2012 15:47

The pictures greatly show the reality of the living conditions the New York Slums had to go through during the late 1800's and the pictures he captured defined the difference between lower and upper class living conditions.

Randi Harris
12/12/2012 10:20

Jacob Rii's photos show the poverty that Americans faced in the 1800's and kind of drew attention to what they had to go through.

Abby Kissack
12/12/2012 10:28

The photos that Riis took were to show the harsh realities of the people in the 1800's and to draw attention to what people had to go through in order to live at that time.


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